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Buying a Whole Pig 101

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This is a terrific post to one of our most asked questions.  Portland Meat Collective is doing a pretty cool thing and is focusing on an area that we at the Barry Farm do well in person and conversation but are pretty mediocre at conveying our education on the blog.  We balance the genuine need for creating awareness and alternative versus sounding like a storm crow or very negative.   Renee and I will continue to focus on education and use our voice to present a third way.  But for today Camas’s words are more articulate than mine.


One thought on “Buying a Whole Pig 101

  1. This is an excellent blog on buying a pig whole and what to do with it when you do. I am looking forward to getting to live someplace where pigs, cows, goats, sheep, etc…can be pastured. Kinda hard here in AZ, unless you are irrigating pasture continuously. Dad never did share that pork you gave him with me. M

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