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Leg of Lamb

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The farmer’s wife here…. A couple weeks back i got a leg of lamb from a friend who raises pastured lamb. That leg of lamb got thawed out when a kid left open the freezer! No time to research recipes i asked our friend chris who is a chef for help. With some instruction and this list of ingredients i swung by the grocery store.


I got home, threw the ingredients in the food processor and smothered the meat with the sauce. Just look at this delicious piece of meat!


This morning i headed off to the farm to get chores done so i could get back and roast the lamb and send to work with geoffrey. It smelled wonderful!


I am not (yet) a lover of lamb so, sending him with pita bread, extra sauce and the lamb was no problem for me. Chef and i waited for his verdict. He said, ” I couldn’t wait after all the love and hype on just how awesome this lamb could be. So I cut into it before my lunch time. Absolutely amazingly delicious. If this is what is ahead for our dorper adventure this is going to be a delicious journey.”

I share this to wet your appetite for pastured local lamb that will be worth the wait. And those ingredients? Simple stuff! Easily available. Super delicious.


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