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How to butcher a pig (The Midsection)

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Butchery Videos:

In an effort for The Barry Farm to increase a little awarness about the products we pride ourselves on raising and their potential we should start with some basic butchery.  Most of our farm friends who purchase a half or whole pig have very little knowledge when it comes time to talk to the butcher.  The scene usually unfolds one or two ways:  either they ask us to talk to the butcher for them (which we are very happy to do) or they muttle through asking for things that conflict with each other ( why cant I have loin roasts and pork chops? ).  It is an over simplification but you get the idea.   A key area to developing a thriving local meat community is that our area butchers and their end users are almost completely disconnected.  Well here at The Barry Farm we are attempting to change that.  We believe it is possible to have your bacon and eat it too.  So lets develop an outstanding tasting pig (Red Wattle feed Non GMO)  and work with the butcher (coming soon to our area Renegade Butchery) to enable  families to have the very best possible food to feed themselves and their children. 

Coming very soon!!!   We think it would be an amazingly fantastic event to have a butchery demonstration and party.  Want to be the first to have a Barry Farm with Renegade Butchery Party.   You pay for the half of the pig and a class taught by our very good friend and butcher and while we eat cheese sample some charcuterie and partake in a beverage we can butcher at your home.   In the end you will end up with a freezer full (80-100 lbs) of the best pork imaginable and armed with an experience of a lifetime.  This could be split with friends or another family if you like.  Contact us for more detail or to schedule.



In this three-part “in the Kitchen” special, Camas Davis, founder of the Portland Meat Collective (    and former food journalist, demonstrates how to butcher a pig. Divided into three primary sections of the pig— in this video, Davis shows how to butcher the midsection of the pig


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