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Farm Assets Kids on the Farm

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Every dad brags about their kids so it shouldn’t come as shocking news that I really love these two. Every small farm has a labor crisis. All our farming friends work way too much for the return they yield. But under the financial surface you will find unmeasurable rewards.

We farm to seek an honest lifestyle, to change our world for the better and to raise out kids to be men and women of integrity. Part of the goal is realized by changing out previous mindset and to act on the fact that children are an asset to our family not a liability. They have creative purpose and our farm and lifestyle depends on them to do their part. Renee and I give space for their age and allow them to be creative about their craft, but their hands are dirty and their heart/mind clean

Today we put down 2 pallets of sod at he house. We are getting it ready to sell. Taking the plunge and leaving the suburbs to pursue farming as a full time vocation. Layla and Seamus worked like 2 grown adolescents today without having to be asked or required too. They worked with joy, worked and got dirty, worked and got sweaty. Such a proud dad.


One thought on “Farm Assets Kids on the Farm

  1. Enjoyed heard their is a dinner at the farm soon. Just wondering if we are invited


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