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Farm Dinner fell short of the goal

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Well the first ever Barry Farm dinner / fundraiser is behind us. Many thanks to those who made a great event come together. We feel that we succeeded in putting on display the gourmet quality that can be achieved with the best that fort bend county family farms have to offer.

We are also proud to make real connections to the source and effort of sustainable local farms. Real families working real hard to make a difference, which is the heart of what community means. It truly was a great night for connecting with friends both old and new.

However our goal to raise 4000.00 to take advantage of our natural assets and our demand was not reached. As a matter of fact we only raised slightly over our expenses to put on the dinner with a total of 2100.00 take in.
If you have the ability to help fund our farm over this hurdle please do so. You are not only help the smith family but are making a difference to all the families that the Barry farm reaches. Our growth benefits a stronger local economy, a stable pure and clean food supply and an example to others that this farm matters.

As an incentive we want to offer an incentive
For a 100.00 donation we will gladly send you two Barry farm t shirts, the coolest farm wear in fort bend county

For 300.00 we will send you a sample pack of the red wattle pork raised on our farm. ( may include bacon sausage pork chops ground or roasts)

For a 500.00 donation we will send you both the t shirts and the Pork sample pack

Our goal was to make the sale on August 17 th so this offer will run until the 15. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the farm.


One thought on “Farm Dinner fell short of the goal

  1. Geoffrey when my son John get a real job I will donate more. He had an interview yesterday and met with a head hunter the day before. I love you guys wish I could do more


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