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It’s not about me, but we never say the right things



My baby girl has run for student council for the last 3 years in a row. Not yet has she been elected to it but for the first time this year she cried when she lost. How could the picture of her with a piglet not make her win? Lay and I were laying on the couch when she was crying about it and I was holding her not saying too much. She said to me “I just didn’t say the right things in my speech”,as she sobbed and sniffled. My heart sank.

The only advice I could offer her was perspective. I reminded her that she has a blessed full life, that she was healthy and happy, that she was talented beyond measure and loved by her family. My sweet daughter has been on the news with composure and led farm tours to other children who were much older than her. Leadership is not voted on it is learned and practiced. I know she cant see that yet but if only she could see herself the way I do if only for a minute there would be no more tears.

Here’s the point people. We will never ‘say the right words’ to convince people of who we are inside. Let us be judged on our actions , priorities and motivations not the outcomes of student council elections. Her crying slowed as I told her that daddy fails all the time but I dust myself off because I know I am loved. I told her the one who loves me never leaves me even when I fail and always has me in mind. There is comfort for us and our children in remembering perspective. Let me encourage us all that we will fail sometimes in our goals and pursuits. That’s ok it means we are living a life worth living. But don’t get stuck in the failures, remember you are loved and get back up and try again.


2 thoughts on “It’s not about me, but we never say the right things

  1. Well said, Layla will learn humility from these things, although it is a tough learning curve. The Smiths of TBF should all be proud of who they are, Littles and Bigs alike. While you may not see us reading and keeping up with your progress online, there is a following here. Thanks for your insights, and hard work. In the years to come, I have no doubt the young Smiths will be well repected young adults. Three cheers for Layla!

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