The Barry Farm

Pasture Raised Red Wattle Hogs, Dorper Lambs, Pasture Raised Chicken, Citrus and Blackberries

What makes a farm go

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The truth behind the Barry farm is that it takes both of us doing uniquely different things at the same time to make our dream a reality. More days than we would like I work at the emergency room while renee runs the day to day workings of the farm. Never more than a text away we stay in contact if changes or issues arise. We only continue to grow as a farm because we continue to grow as a couple and family.
The farm has blessed our marriage and teaches us daily to see each other’s strengths and weaknesses and to touch places in our hearts that could not have been reached otherwise. Seeing my wife at lambing time is a thing of beauty. Lambing time is busy, cute, stressful and full of promise at the same time. Never very far from tragedy my wife mothers both the ewe and the lamb toward independence. Her maternal instinct is never wrong and while the sheep benefit from it I am the real winner in this equation. I melt seeing her effortlessly put her heart into her work. She works for them and for us and also for you. Our whole community is stronger for the quiet work of this woman.


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