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Pigs with a purpose (our community connects through the work of the pig)

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Pigs with purpose. This is how we solve animal welfare issues for farm animals. Learn to value their purpose not just their products. Did you get that? Pigs till, improve marginal land like overgrown tree lines , add fertility, undo compaction, can eat by products, renovate pastures. The list goes on and on.
This pig is laying in the remnants of a round bale that was feed to cows before we moved to this place. They have tilled and tilled it adding manure and biology. They are making compost for me. The farmer wins most here by gaining more value from his life than from his death.

I tell you this to give you a glimpse into how they live and our daily work with our Red Wattles.  It is difficult to participate, and we know it is, directly in their lives as a friend/fan/follower of the barry farm.  So please consider buying their product.  It is what keeps the farm with our methods that we feel are noble in business.  Honor them and us by feeding your family real food, wholesome food and supporting your own community.  This only happens because you support us.  Oh and we do have Easter Hams and Rack of Lamb ready for you.   Email us @ thebarryfarm@yahoo and we’ll deliver too you.



One thought on “Pigs with a purpose (our community connects through the work of the pig)

  1. Let me know when I need to pay for butcher

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