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Why are you buying sheep and fundraising at the same time

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We are on a quest for two real things. Wait strike that 3 things.
First is we desire to build real community through food and open farming
Second is we desire to be Houston’s premier grass fed lamb provider
Third but probably most importantly we desire to have a transparent farm that establishes both integrity and trust with our community.

The third is what this blog is about today. As you may be aware we have been raising funds to build a lot of fencing around the new Barry farm. We’ve relied very heavily on our community’s contributions to complete this project as the expense is frankly more than we can absorb this Summer. So how are you buying sheep you may ask ? Well we have been working for the last 4 months to secure a loan from the FSA to increase our flock enough to be a larger market presence. The timing just happened to over lap. We were hoping not to need more fencing than we currently use in our rotations. Between people and coyotes a fence has become a priority, thanks for engaging us along this journey.


One thought on “Why are you buying sheep and fundraising at the same time

  1. its a free country – you can do whatever you want. Buy + fundraise, not buy and not fundraise, fundraise and not buy, etc. Its all up to you 🙂

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