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Pasture Raised Red Wattle Hogs, Dorper Lambs, Pasture Raised Chicken, Citrus and Blackberries

How eating brunch changes things

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Yesterday afternoon a beautiful collision happened at the farm. When these events come together it transcends more than just good food. Which itself feels badly to even flirt with diminishing the food because it was truly wonderful. The food is the initial reason we gather but it never ends up the reason why we linger and chat.
The power of these events happen at an intersection and that intersection is where responsible businesses see their presence in their community as invaluable and the community agrees and responds in kind.

The food:
What you can’t see from a diners perspective is just what the process did for us The Farm as we planned and executed the meal. What was served was a combination of a years worth of work in raising animals, birthing lambs, caring for pigs and managing gardens and citrus. Then given over to chef Chris to interpret what we have labored for into stunning dishes that create a journey. I could see, knowing him so well, him on a plate. His culture, his likes, his stretching, his experiments, his respect for the farm and us farmers. The food is a perfect intersection.
The farmers:
For weeks before today we double our efforts into making the farm as user friendly and easy to navigate as possible. Extra mulch in the flower beds, straightening up the barn, mowing walkways through the pasture , trimming hedges the list goes on and on. It’s a labor of love really. As I work harder on the farm the bulk of the administration falls to renee. She is the architect of these events that responds to your emails goes to SPECS and stops at Arnes on delivery day. All this leads to a very insecure place. This farm is not just our place of employment or a place for entertainment, it is our home. We are inviting people into a very intimate place and exposing ourselves our methods and dreams for inspection.

And now the collision. All the labor, the insecurity, the animal husbandry and party cup shopping doesn’t matter one bit unless people care. Not just care but care enough to engage. And not just engage but to begin to see what’s beyond the plate. We know that it is easier to see beyond the plate when the farm is all around you and the chef is next to you. That’s when the lightbulb comes on. And for me it’s this. We can’t do this alone. If any piece is missing and we retreat to our own island it all goes to crap. Real food becomes a hobby farm. Real food gives way for Sunday afternoon convenience while watching football. Real food leaves a chefs craft and art without an audience. This doesn’t work with you. Come
Judge for yourself. We’ve dedicated our farm and ourselves to being transparent even when it uncomfortable and we are validated when you find it beautiful and worth while.


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