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Super Bowl Sunday Plans? Join us at the Farm

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Our family has been uniquely blessed with such an opportunity.   The place we live in is easily adapted to hosting groups of people and especially people who like to be outside.

We are also fortunate to have made connection with some of the leadership and volunteers at Parks Youth Ranch.  The ranch is a stones throw from The Barry Farm and out of the blue one day I sent them an email asking if we could be involved or helpful at all to their mission.  Parks Youth Ranch exists to provide a safe, supportive and structured environment to at risk and homeless youth in Fort Bend County and happens to be the one and only such facility for kids finding themselves in this situation in one of the fastest growing counties in America.  Over the past few months we nurtured relationships, hosted new friends to the farm and worked on planning events to get the kids out to the farm on a regular basis.

In my quiet times I am most often convicted about the things in my life that are really petty that I care about way too much.  Football can be one of those things for me.  I am a balls to bones Steelers fan and proudly fly that black and gold, but man can I get caught up in all the analysis, coverage and time spent watching football.  Well this Superbowl sunday we have decided to put out backs where our hearts are.  We are throwing a superbowl party for the kids at parks youth ranch at the barry farm.   Food, Flag Football, Farms and Friends.   If you are looking to be part of something bigger than deflate gate, judging commercials and wardrobe malfunctions we would welcome your involvement.
Come play flag football in our pasture run the grill for me or put some coke’s on ice from 12-3pm Sunday February 1st at the Farm.   Email me at thebarryfarm@yahoo for more details or info


One thought on “Super Bowl Sunday Plans? Join us at the Farm

  1. What a wonderful thing you are doing! I commend you for being willing to reach out and be a blessing to a group of kids who really need a hand up. I know that you will be the ones who are blessed, too. Thank you!

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