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Cochon 555 in #HTX : kind of a big deal for Houston and it’s farmers

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It’s possible that despite all my communication that you have not heard that your farmers (Renee and I ) are participating in Cochon 555 here in Houston.   It is not only a big thing for us to be invited to this but it is a big deal for Houston.  What is Cochon you ask? Here it is straight from the organizers.

“Cochon 555, the country’s most talked about culinary competition returns to celebrate family farms, heritage breed pigs and today’s emerging chef community. Attendees of this one-of-a-kind culinary competition embark on a journey to the new hyper-local culinary landscape, one whole pig at a time. The tour is aligned with the modern-day good food movement — notable chefs, barrier-breaking women, artist-like butchers, spirited bartenders, top winemakers, brewers, distillers and brazen pastry talent working together to prepare an epic feast celebrating responsible family farming. Going on its seventh year, Cochon 555 is regarded as the nation’s most flavorful culinary event, from entry to exit, each bite is specially designed to win over the public.”


Houston’s culinary scene is rapidly evolving and always in a state change.  Being such a melting pot of people has been such a blessing for all the beautiful flavors represented here in Houston and I’m sure the food coming out of the various camps will be terrific. We think it is a big deal because it hi lights specifically the quality that is available in Houston, crafted by small farmers, that often gets overlooked.   Even our note worthy restaurants will serve less than superior product and reflect our increasingly busy lifestyle with speed being king over food.   This event will be a show case of just what is possible in the quality arena when Houston Small Farmers and talented culinary teams get together.  Sure it is a competition but the real winner in the people of the City of Houston.  Would you join us on Sunday afternoon?  Come out support your farmers and show the city that you care about the success of the few small livestock farmers we have here in the Houston area.

Oh and by the way.  It is only natural that we are providing a true Texas Hog.  Out of all the heritage breed hogs (and all the hogs at the competition will be heritage hogs) only one breed comes from Texas.  That’s right the Red Wattle.   Most of the other hogs will be representatives of other parts of the country or even worse……England.  Can you imagine a yankee or European hog winning in Texas?   Not possible right?  My thoughts exactly.


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