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Pre announcement for Easter: We have big big plans and need help.


We are 6 weeks out until Easter weekend and we are working on a big big plan.  My Easters as a kid and teenager were ‘normal’ enough.  Church in the morning, Easter egg hunt, a basket or hidden chocolate bunny and then a feast.  My mother was used to cooking for a large group and worked hard at it as far back as I can remember.  She would cook for the family, our foster brothers and sisters and often enough for others that wen’t to church with us.  The meal was always the hi light of the day for me filled with comfort foods, family around the table and pie for dessert.  Maybe it was ushering in spring, the religious symbolism or just a full belly but Easter has a way of filling me with hope and optimism for what lay ahead of us.


This brings me to my big big plan for Easter.   If you have been following along to our journey you may already know that we have been working with the incredible young men and women of Parks Youth Ranch.  Fort Bend county’s only shelter for teens that do not have a home to call their own.  For one reason or another these young men and women do not have a safe place that they call home so they live at Parks youth ranch 24/7 where they are safe, fed, warm and certainly loved.  Renee and I have invited them to come have Sunday supper at the farm and strongly desire to create a memory of love and optimism by recreating what we remember and loved about this time of year.  We are going to eat out on the lawn, have a meal with all the fixin’s and want throw and easter egg hunt for them.


This is where I need your help.  The Easter Egg hunt will be more than just candy as I want to have a “golden egg” for each kid with a larger prize in it.  After talking with the Staff and friends of the ranch we think this gift is appropriate.

So we have 16 kids to buy watches for in the next 6 weeks and of course I can’t wait until the last minute so this is what I’m asking for.  Please consider sponsoring the cost of a golden egg and our Easter meal.  Renee and I would love to be able to front the entire cost but we just don’t have that ability so we are taking a leap of confidence in our community to make this happen.  All the funds raised will go to the watches, their meal and making an Easter memory for kids that need now more than ever to know the love that a community can provide and hope that Easter can bring.


If you believe that these kids deserve our best and want to help sponsor this event, email us at and we can have a conversation about where we go from there.  Thank you and you will hear a lot more about this from me for the next few week.



2 thoughts on “Pre announcement for Easter: We have big big plans and need help.

  1. Sorry a bit of auto correct please delete previous . We think it is amazing that you are hosting a dinner for teens in need . We would like to donate. Also any upcoming events on how to cut meat? Please let us know. Sincerely, Kris

    • Thanks for contacting us Kris. We have meet the goal for donations so I think for this event it is covered. We do not at this time have any butcher classes scheduled but stay tuned for announcements.

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