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Easter Is On!

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   Thank you all so much for playing a part in making Easter happen for the kids of Parks Youth Ranch.  We have reached the limit of pledges that we needed to pull it off including the golden egg gifts.  The generosity of the community that the barry farm is becoming never ceases to amaze me.  Our goal at the barry farm has never been as small as what the farm looks like.  It looks like eggs, baby lambs, kumquats, awesome pigs, chicken and one wild family but that is not where it stops for us.  The farm is a vehicle or tool to build an authentic community of people that are not only willing to care about one another but to most importantly act on those convictions. Supporting us while providing a family meal for kids that may never have had one at Easter is just the latest installment of where this farm community is going.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for seeing this as valuable and worthy of your time money effort and thoughts.


I do want to take just a moment and say thank you to Chef Chris and Boudreaux’s Cajun Kitchen for their support and generosity.  Chef Chris will be handling the majority of the execution for the meal and we are greatful for him and Boudreaux’s willingness to jump right in on this.


We also want to acknowledge Chef Skinner from Eculent in Kemah for his support of local agriculture and its higher mission.


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  1. Great picture if Seamus miss you guys

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