The Barry Farm

Pasture Raised Red Wattle Hogs, Dorper Lambs, Pasture Raised Chicken, Citrus and Blackberries

A farm with a mother 


Every business has a dreamer.  Required to venture out into a new space and carry a level of risk in the hope of something big, is a vivid dream.   Or at least this is what every dreamer thinks about themselves. 

On our farm Renee is not the dreamer.   She has an even bigger heart than to settle for the dreamer.  For our small farm and business Renee is the operator of trust.   It is far more courageous to push all in trusting the dreamer than to create your own dream.  A secret about dreamers if you don’t already know , is that if our dreams fail we will just have another and another and another just as important as the one before.  But to trust the dreamer enough to do the daily back breaking work of making dreams reality is what faith looks like. This is the lesson the farm mother at the Barry farm is sharing with her world.  That trust is worth the risk and faith is a practiced art honed with time and effort.  


4 thoughts on “A farm with a mother 

  1. Just awesome , I love the way you explain it . Please keep up the awesome work . Thank you Terry

  2. Renee’s is entrenched with the farm’s best interest at heart. She explained to us in great detail how your family has the belief that the animals should be treated/harvested with great respect and dignity and for us, we were blown away by her knowledge and your farm’s proactive approach to also sustaining the land for these same animals. Thank you!

    • It is very nice to hear that the dream and work of our family has made a positive impact on yours. Renee’s touch is all over this farm. She and her work are definitely a gift to be treasured.

    • So very true , you have dreamers , doers , bosses , workers & then some help once & a while . Love what you all are doing . Trying to do what I can where I’m at with what I have . Thank you & keep up the awesome work . Your friend Terry

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