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The lambing process on video at the barry farm in Needville Tx


I’m sure this is not something that you get a first hand look at every day, but is is none the less an absolute miracle and a testament to maternity.   Inspiration and hope can come from so many places but for farmers nothing renews our spirits like birth.   No matter how many times I see it happen the sense of pride I have in watching a ewe act so selflessly swells inside.  Seeing a newborn lamb take it’s first breath and stumble to it’s feet and search for it’s mother.  Sure it is a scary breath holding few minutes but when it all goes as it should it pretty much looks like this.


The moment the lamb is born

the ewe goes right into cleaning her baby off.  She does this for a bunch of reasons, but basically to stimulate it to breath, warm it up and then encourage it to stand.

She continues to encourage him to stand.  Meanwhile she has not stopped to care for herself since labor began.  She is still contracting delivering afterbirth and is no doubt exhausted.

Once this happens, you can start to breathe normal again.  When the lamb latches on and gets a real drink of super rich colostrum things are looking up.  The next 24 hours will bear out how good of a mom she will be but so far she is showing some great maternal instincts.





2 thoughts on “The lambing process on video at the barry farm in Needville Tx

  1. I have never seen an actual animal give birth before. Awesome and wonderful and at the same time, it is like looking over the ocean at a sunset .. humbling.

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