The Barry Farm

Pasture Raised Red Wattle Hogs, Dorper Lambs, Pasture Raised Chicken, Citrus and Blackberries

About The Barry Farm

The Barry Farm is a family farm in Needville, TX that focuses crafting authentic community through food. Our family of 4 raise White Dorper Sheep,  Heritage Breed Red Wattle Pork, and Pasture Raised Chicken.  In addition to the animals at the Barry Farm we have a large citrus grove and an acre of Kiowa Blackberries.  Please contact us for tours, farm to table dinners or hosting private events at the farm.  Located just south west of Sugarland Texas we are a short drive from the City.

Thanks for exploring the Barry Farm

Geoffrey, Renee, Layla and Seamus


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15 thoughts on “About The Barry Farm

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  2. I want to know what is your physical address…
    I want to go there and see your place…
    also I live in Spring 77373 area.

  3. I am interested in purchasing meat, eggs and honey from you and would appreciate information on how and where I can visit/shop. Thank you

  4. I am an amateur photographer in Seabrook, TX. and was looking to photograph my daughter with a lamb for her Easter pictures. Do you allow photographers on your farm, or have you ever rented a lamb to anyone? I know this may sound odd, but they would make for precious Easter pictures. I know of several Mom’s that would love to do the same.

    Let me know if this is a possibility. Thank you.

    • Well we have done all of the above before. Rented, toured and just let kids and family’s be with lambs. It’s kind of our specialty….introducing family’s and people to real working farms.

  5. Am looking to buy organic grass fed fresh chicken and steak. I would like a list of prices with sizes to chose from.
    Can u please call me on my cell or email a price list. I would also like ur sugarland address for pickup, since I live outside missouri city
    Scott. 832.951.3520

    • Hi Scott thanks for contacting us. Let me clarify a little just to make sure we aren’t getting mired in terms and to make sure we are the kind of farm you are looking for. We are not certified organic and do not feed organic feed to our chickens. They do however live out on our pasture rotating from place to place, eating seeds, bugs, worms and anything else the like. Our chickens are only sold whole and are 4.50 a pound. . We do not raise beef and the farm is in Needville. Hope this helps. you can email us at thebarryfarm@yahoo to set up a time to visit and purchase this weekend if you’d like.

  6. Could you please email me address and days that you are open to visit and buy? anything this coming long weekend? (Friday to Monday?)

  7. I recently became a volunteer at the youth ranch and on July 18th they have planned a work day to re-pay your kindness. I’m new at this however very handy with just about any repair/renovation project. What type of work needs accomplishing so I know what type of tools to bring?

    • Thanks for joining us. I have some light carpentry to be done but most of the work is mulching, trimming trees, weeding and hauling branches and setting a few post holes. I wasn’t planning on much help other than the kids.

  8. Can we get eggs and chicken … What time and place can we come to get it this weekend

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