The Barry Farm

Pasture Raised Red Wattle Hogs, Dorper Lambs, Pasture Raised Chicken, Citrus and Blackberries

Heritage Breed Pasture Pork


Often during tours of the farm or one of our events we have the opportunity to discuss how important pigs are on a farm.  Pigs need farmers that are compassionate and we need the hard work that they do on the farm.  Not just because of the nutritious and gourmet meat that they provide but on the barry farm they till compacted areas for us, clear under brush, recycle food scraps and so much more.  In turn we give them the very best life a pig can have being raised outside 24/7 rotated out on the pasture and treated with respect.   Our pigs never eat corn or soy and instead are feed a barley based diet.   Investing in their care and feeding them more naturally rewards us with a well marbled meat and a clean fat that you have to taste to believe.  The Barry Farm only raises Red Wattles, which are a heritage breed that originate from east Texas.  Red Wattles are docile, handle the heat very well and are excellent foragers making them an ideal fit for our us.  We’d love the opportunity to show you and your family these magnificent animals.


2 thoughts on “Heritage Breed Pasture Pork

  1. I would absolutely love to come visit your farm and buy some products. Please tell me the best time to visit.

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